Currnt Research Mentor Information


Name Research Discipline
Prof. David Ardell Analysis of a database of RNA genetic elements Biology
Prof. Michael Colvin Molecular simulations of novel DNA structures Chemistry
Prof. A. Carolin Frank Identifying mobile elements in bacteria Biology
Prof. Ajay Gopinathan Dynamic length sensing using molecular tape measures Physics
Prof. Linda Hirst Molecular Dynamics simulation of actin network formation Physics
Prof. Christine Isborn Computational modeling by molecular dynamics and QM/MM methods Chemistry
Prof. Arnold Kim Estimating optical properties of tissues for imaging Applied Mathematics
Prof. Karin Leiderman Mathematical Biology, specifically in biological fluid dynamics, biomechanics, and biochemistry. Applied Mathematics
Prof. Shawn Newsam Automated tools  for analyzing scientific simulations Computer Science
Prof. David C. Noelle

Computational cognitive neuroscience

Computer Science and Cognitive Science
Prof. Suzanne Sindi Mathematical and computation biology of prion transmission in yeast, and the analysis of genetic structural variants. Applied Mathematics
Prof. Mayya Tokman New integrators for molecular dynamics simulations Applied Mathematics